How Do You Like To Meditate?

Do you meditate? There really are different ways we can meditate, You can meditate while doing your yoga practice by being in the moment and with your breath, you can meditate while dancing and moving your body slowly and mindfully being one with yourself and your body, prayer I believe is a form of meditation as well, focusing on a lit flame and having slow full belly breathes and exhales, even doing dishes or house work can actually become a form of meditation if you are in the moment, journaling is a good form of meditation as well as drawing or painting. I like to also use my singing bowl and surround myself with crystals or hold them also if i'm lying down while meditating I will sometimes place one on my forehead and one on my tummy, I like to either burn sage, sweet grass, or incense before a yoga or meditation practice to clear away any negative energies. Today I used my obsidian water bottle for after my meditation.. Try to challenge yourself to meditate at least 10 minutes a day for a 30 day challenge and see how you feel, I DARE YOU!