Lapis,Was The Stone For Egyptian Royalty,It Encourages Self Awarness,Allows Self Expression,Reveals Inner Truth And Inspires Confidence


  • The serenity collection has all your gems that can bring joy, serenity, harmony, love, light, and tranquility ..  Divine Amethyst for calming the spirit, mind and soul, helpful for insomnia, greater intuition, dispelling fear, anger, and anxiety.. Grounding Smoky Quartz for relieving depression/anxiety, uplifting energy, a more positive enlightened mind, while keeping you grounded.. Joyful Citrine for beautiful confidence, a more creative imagination, warmth and happiness, luck and prosperity.. Magical Rose Quartz for  profound inner acceptance/healing, self/love, unconditional love for others and self, high blood pressure.. Yin & Yang Tourmaline.. for removing blockages, creativity, empathy, patience, bringing balance to the left and right hemispheres of the brain, balancing of all chakras, detoxifying.. Stone Of Power Clear Quartz for concentration, absorbing negative energies, boosting the immune system, finding your highest self, clarity, elevating vibrations.